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Sara Holden

Sara graduated from Falmouth Art College in 1995 with an HND in illustration. It was at college that she developed her trademark " swirling" style of vibrant seascapes and gardens, which without doubt have been influenced by her surroundings  in Cornwall.  These paintings are full of movement where she endeavours to capture a sense of fun, often including swooping seagulls and smiling fish! Each image is unique with a closely considered composition and colour scheme.

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Fish Chase by Sara Holden
Sunnyside Up by Sara Holden
Birds Eye View by Sara Holden
Secret Garden by Sara Holden
Across The Doombar by Sara Holden
Bright And Blue, by Sara Holden
Pathways Of Gold, by Sara Holden
Sitting On The Sand, St. Ives, by Sara Holden
We Three On Custom House Quay by Sara Holden
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