Fox In The Meadow by Carolyn Pavey

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"Fox In The Meadow" by Carolyn Pavey is a limited edition reproduction print of 75 and has been signed by the artist. The print is individually reproduced, examined and then hand embossed as a seal of the publishers approval.

Carolyn paints mainly in oils and acrylic with mixed media. Having originally trained as an illustrator at Brighton University the rigorous training she received in drawing and painting has been the mainstay of her work ever since.

"I always carry a sketch book with me as you never know when something will strike a cord. A converstion overheard, a train journey, the wildlife in the countryside or even the seemingly mundane; all can inspire me to tuck myself in the studio and experiment." 

This print is framed in a simple whitewhashed wooden frame and glazed.

Measuements: Image size: 29 cm x 24 cm. Framed size: 52 cm x 49.5 cm

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