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Face covering by Izzie


Handmade pleated fabric face covering by Izzie. 

Our neighbour Izzie has been making these face coverings since we re-opened in the summer and they've been so popular, especially with glasses wearers as they have a metal nosepiece sewn into the top edge to help seal that annoying gap that causes glasses to steam up. I've been wearing Izzies face coverings in the shop all summer and I've found them incredibly comfortable and easy to wash in with your normal washload. They are larger than many designs which I find makes them more comfortable if you have to wear them for a longer period.

Important information.

These are not medical grade masks.

Adult use only (due to metal piece in nosepiece.)

Do not touch your face!

Wash after every use.

Wash at 40'C

If any part of the elastic strap, stitching or fabric starts to fray please discontinue use.