Deep Blue Sea lampshade by Just About Light

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Each illustrated lampshade is slightly different, using layers of ink to create a sense of ocean waves or the deep blue sea. They all have the same shades of greens and blues but are unique in their finished appearance. 

Made using Japanese Washi paper, the lamp lets through lots of lovely soft light and adds to the ambience of any room.  Each lamp is lined with PVC and is fully flame retardant

Height: 20cm x Diameter: 20cm

    Made in the UK.

    About the artist.

    I’m Gill, I have a degree in Art and Printmaking and work from home surrounded by pens, paper and ink, and all the tools I need to produce my lights.

    All the illustrations on my lamps and lanterns begin life as drawings or sketches which I then adapt to fit around a lampshade or lamp. Some designs are full of colour while others have a more subdued palette so hopefully, there is something for everyone.

    Places, nature, and the sea are current themes in my small but handmade range. This will change as I add more designs with new themes finding their way onto the side of a lamp. My aim is to produce lighting that also is a piece of art so that even when unlit they add interest, style, and colour to a room. The illustrations are either screen printed or digitally reproduced using the best quality art paper which gives each lamp a smooth smart and high-quality finish. The lanterns are made with translucent Japanese paper which lets through lots of lovely soft light with a candle inside.