Pink and Purple Vintage Bead bracelet by Margaret Gould

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Margaret Gould makes bracelets using vintage beads and memory wire.

"These bracelets have mainly been made from my vintage beads with the addition here and there of slightly newer ones- added to enhance the design.

They may conjure up for some- memories of beads from their own era and others will be able to recall those their mothers wore.Many of my beads come from the 30's to the 50's. Some are an early form of plastic and have the most beautiful colours, sometimes combined. Others of clear glass can be found with their lovely colours mixed in the making too. I have collected beads for many years and still find them fascinating and love using them to create anew.

The silver plated wire on which the beads are threaded is called memory wire because it retains it's shape. To put on take one end of the bracelet and place it across the wrist and wind it on until it is fully in place."

Margaret Gould