Lost In The Swell by Kit Johns (com)

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"Lost In The Swell" is an original painting by Kit Johns and is painted with mixed media onto a vintage map on board. Parts of the map are still showing through the painting and the old folds give a lovely texture to the piece. This painting comes with a simple white tray frame for a contemporary feel.

Measurements: image size: 60cm x 60 cm

Code: KJLITScom

Made in Cornwall

Artist Information.

Kit Johns’ work has proved very popular with visitors and locals alike, with work successfully selling out in several galleries last year.

His paintings explore the wild and untamed nature of the Cornish landscape. Experimentation and expression are key aspects of his work, creating unpredictable, unique and atmospheric pieces. Combinations of mixed media including acrylic, oil and ink encourage him to push the technical boundaries of traditional landscape painting. Authentic vintage maps and other found objects are often used as the base for his art, creating a rare unique canvas for each painting and adding further to a sense of place within the work.

The pieces are raw and emotive, focusing on capturing the energy of the moment, reflecting the same traits found within nature and the ever-changing Cornish coastline throughout the year. Reminders of the indomitable power of water and nature are a frequent theme of Kit Johns work.

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