Go Fish Fine Bone China Travel Mug

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This charming mug designed by Rebecca Hogg for Dunoon features a beautiful blue and white colour scheme, with a coastal inspired theme featuring a pattern of scattered fish swimming in opposite directions.

Travel Mug

Dunoon always guarantees world class designs and delightful illustrations. Their collection of shapes, from the tall and elegant Glencoe to the small and curved Suffolk, have always thrilled at home, allowing you to enjoy a cup of tea in style and sophistication. With these travel mugs complete with silicone lids and sleeves, you can now take Dunoon everywhere that you go. This flash of inspiration is sure to revolutionise the way you take your drinks on the go!

Note: Take care when holding this mug immediately after filling with boiling water.

Rebecca Hogg

Rebecca Hogg refers to a broad visual vocabulary within her design work. Inspiration and influences embrace both the natural world; flora and wildlife, and architecture. She brings to her creative work a distinct sense of abstraction, originality and colour, re-interpreted through her interests in classical and contemporary textiles and interior design. Rebecca's natural and intuitive hand drawing and painting style leave the viewer with a sense of surprise and humour.